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Our History

The Eynon Hose Company No. 3 was established on Wednesday September 23, 1903. It was established to provide fire protection for the developing town. At the time it was almost a necessity to form the company due to the distance the hose carts from Archbald had to be pulled. The Company was incorporated in July 23, 1904 and was managed by a Board of Directors made up of three members.

The first officers were as follows:

President: Abram Howells
Treasurer: Andrew Coccia
Secretary: George P. Nanyokat

Other original members of the company included:
Andre Howanace, A. Friedman, Jack Shumondi, John Chichak, Joseph Yavorek, George Gdovin, Mike Kipas, Dominick Lanuti, Dominick Bianchi, John Kane, Rinaldo Smargassi, Peter Cominsky, Peter Shumondi, and Peter Chichak.


The first fire equipment was a hand pulled two-wheel cart. The cart was housed in a small building on Main Street until 1928. Later the company bought it’s first gasoline driven truck, a Reo, which was purchased between 1927-1928. At the time the truck was the newest thing in pumpers. The original hose cart was then given to the Sturges Hose Company #5.

In 1933 the hose company looked to upgrade equipment and purchased a new GMC truck. This was later replaced in 1951 by a Chevrolet truck.

On March 7, 1967 the Eynon Hose Company #3 Ladies Auxiliary was incorporated. The auxiliary supported the firemen in all fund raising activities and picnics. There were originally 24 members.

The first officers were as follows:

President: Marie Rudalavage
Vice President: Rosayne Maskie
Secretary: Jean Vladika
Treasurer: Antoinette Abbott

In 1970 the company then bought a Ward La France pumper and purchased 3.5 acres of land on Thomas Street. The money for those projects was raised through envelope drives, picnics, and chicken barbecues. Many local residents volunteered their time and labor to help construct the Firehouse.

In 1971 the company hosted Northeastern Pennsylvania Volunteer Fireman’s Federation Convention.

In 1993, the company purchased a new KME Renegade Engine to replace the aging Ward La France Pumper. This engine is still in service and is equipped with a Cascade System and a newly purchased Thermal Imaging Camera.

Today, the Eynon Hose Company No. 3 (Station 33) has a total of 65 members. The company is still providing fire protection for the developing town of Eynon and supports neighboring towns as well. The members of the department are as the motto states “Always Ready” to lend a supporting hand to the community.

Our Equipment (Apparatus)

Our Equipment (Apparatus)

These vehicles are highly customized depending on their needs and the duty they will be performing. These duties can include rescue, fire suppression, emergency medical services, and hazardous materials operations.

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